Student Union Committees

Student Union Committees are composed of Student Union Executives, members of the Board of Directors, Student Union staff members, and students-at-large. Committees are where the decisions voted on by the Student Council and Board of Directors are implemented. Student Union Committees make recommendations to the larger Student Council for approval, and bring those approved proposals back to the committee for implementation. Committees make on matters such as events, budget considerations, campaigns, and more.

Finance Committee: Sub-committee of the Board of Directors

– Gather requests & Feedback from the SU Student Council members on budget considerations.
– Present draft budget to and seek feedback from Council a minimum of 2 times before it is taken to the Board for approval.Present Draft budget to SU Council for approval
– Present Draft budget to SU Board for final approval

Student Funding (SU Grants) Committee

– Assist in the promotion of Student Union annual grants process
– Review and approve proposals based on the Grant criteria grading rubric outlined in the Grants Policy
– Allocate grant funding earmarked in OCAD SU budget for approved proposals
– Evaluate and approve students’ grant policy and timeline

Student Services Committee


– Bring ideas about the improvement of Student Union services (Hot Lunch, Safer Sex Supplies, Student Pantry, Good Food Box program, SU Podcast Network, etc) to the committee
– Assist in the promotion of SU services, University Services, CFS Services, and external services
– Keep in contact with other Service-based departments at OCADU (Writing and Learning Centre, Centre for Experiential Learning, Financial Aid and Awards, Centre for Students with Disabilities etc) and share relevant information with Council

That Place on the 2nd Floor Committee


– Provide advice to the Student Union Board of Directors on the food services operation of the kiosk (That Place on the Second Floor), including but not limited to: menu options, quality control, customer service, new ideas and collaboration on campus, programming for the common area space

The role of the Committee is advisory and suggestions made are not binding, the Board may not arbitrarily or without reason not act in accordance with the Committee.

Bylaws, Policies and Procedures Committee

– Evaluate and make recommendations to strengthen Student Union bylaws, policies, and procedures: these SU legal documents should reflect an inclusive and safe work environment, transparency to our student members, a focus on ethical and sustainable practices, and comply with all federal and provincial legislation
– Seek best practices from other Student Unions and not-for-profits to inform OCAD SU bylaws and policies
– Present draft policies, procedures, and bylaws for discussion and approval at the Council and Board levels

Sustainability Committee


– Evaluate and make recommendations to strengthen sustainability measures within the SU and in the larger context of the University
– Work with the University’s Sustainability Committee to implement and advance new and existing initiatives (Green Winter/ Sustainability month, Bottled Water Free/ Water Advocacy day, Materials Re– Use Zone, OCAD Recycles Day, Earth Hour,  Water Bottle Refill Stations etc.
– Seek collaboration with relevant student groups, department, or classes), such as GrOCAD, Think Tank classes, etc