A new OCAD University proposal for interest on tuition that is not paid by the due date will negatively affect our most vulnerable students at OCAD U. The University’s proposal to change the late fee on student accounts from a flat $50 fee to a compoundable interest rate of 1.25% per month amounts to students being charged up to $88 per month of what they have not paid in tuition (if they are paying domestic rates) and up to $550 for the year in late fees, alone. We are concerned students who believe that University will be capitalizing on students in greatest financial need.



Email tuition@ocadsu.org with the subject line Not In OCAD’s Interest to tell us about why you oppose this change. These emails will be printed and shared with members of the OCAD U Board of Governors at their upcoming meeting.

Post your concerns on Social Media and tag your post with #NotInOCADsInterest

Join us during the March 7th Board of Governor’s meeting. This is where the vote to implement interest charges on late fees in addition to a 3% raise in domestic tuition will occur. This meeting will take place from 4:30 – 7:00 in room 322, 230 Richmond St. The public portion begins at 4:55pm