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Annual Beaux-Arts Costume Ball


Going strong 94 years, this year the OCADSU Beaux Art Costume Ball presents:
This is OCAD’s ‘you survived the academic year! now come let lose!’ annual party! This year we are going all out!
Compete in the Unconventional Runway Challenge – $300 worth of prizes to be won!
Show up with a high end fashion look made of unconventional materials that fits into one of the following categories:
> Recycled plastics
> Electronics & electronic accessories
> Food packaging

Bonus points if your ~fashion~ is enhanced by black light!

There will be light installations. There will be projections.
There will be fun.

Graduate & Undergraduate Roundtables

On October 28, 2015 we came together with students across faculties to talk about studios, facilities, space, access, and more. The executive and commissioner teams took notes and will be working with upper administration and the Student Experience Working Group to put that feedback into action. Stay tuned for the Winter Roundtables!

winterfeast 4th Annual Winter Feast 

Winter Feast started in response to the volume of international students that couldn’t go home for the holiday break. It offered an opportunity for OCAD students to come together to share food, stories, drinks, activities, traditions from home – and create a sense of community. This is the Student Union’s 4th annual Winter Feast and the selected theme for this year was “HOME”.



m4mh2nd Annual Movies for Mental Health

On Thursday, March 2, we hosted a Mental Health Services expo in the lobby, bringing together members of the OCAD community and the neighbourhoods around OCAD to talk to students about various services available for mental health. That evening we enjoyed dinner, discussions, and film screenings about mental health in collaboration with Art With Impact. We had an amazing night, and want to thank everyone who participated.

Art & Design Social Justice Exchange 2016

On Friday, January 23 and Friday, January 24, we got together to talk about Art, Design, and social justice. We worked with individuals and collectives from around Toronto and beyond to discuss the ways in which art and design can acts as tools and catalysts for social change. The events on Friday and Saturday were compliments by an exhibition of works in the Great Hall throughout the week. We want to thank everyone who participated, with your work or your words, or simply with your presence at the ADSJExchange.



93rd Annual Beaux-Arts Costume Ball 

On April 21, 2016 we had an amazing end of year party at Steamwhistle Brewery! We danced to retro music, ate amazing food, and had our fortunes told by tarot readers. Killer poster by Cat Bluemke.