Funds Available to Students

The following list is a resource of the different types of grants and funding we have compiled that are available to students through the Student Union as well as different departments of the University throughout the year. Each section includes a brief description of the types of funds available, as well as a link to more information on how to access them.

1. OCAD Student Union Project Grants

The current period for OCAD Student Union Projects Grants have closed. Stay tuned for information about this year’s recipients and their projects!

What are the SU Project Grants?

The OCAD Student Union believes the ideas and dreams of students should not be limited to the size of their wallets. SU Project Grants provide an opportunity for student members (part-time, full-time, graduate, undergrad and student groups) to receive partial or full funding to realize projects, host events or do other creative initiatives that would otherwise be unattainable due to financial barriers.

Our goal is to create opportunities that directly benefit the OCAD U student community as a whole. Projects where one student’s personal gain is paramount will not qualify for funding.

Project Grants applications will be submitted to the OCAD SU Project Grants Committee and evaluated using the Project Grants Funding Rubric. The highest scoring proposals will receive funding. No funding will be issued after the granting period is over.

What kinds of projects do the Project Grants fund?

Unique, first-time projects that benefit students at-large may be awarded grant funding. Applicants must demonstrate how their project (individual or group) will benefit the student community in one of two categories

Creative & Professional Opportunity Projects Projects designed to promote professional student practitioners and foster community development may qualify for funding from this category.

Social Innovation Projects A project put into practice for the benefit of the OCAD U Community, it would provide a continuing and sustainable benefit to the OCAD U campus and community at-large.

Funding will not be granted to projects related to OCAD University’s academic plan or curriculum, including thesis exhibitions and/or publications or personal travel costs. It is not the responsibility of the Student Union to fund selective academic work. This is a conversation you can have with your department about necessary funds and resources integral for your success. Funding will also not be allocated for items remaining in sole property of an individual, or alcohol.

OCAD SU Grant Timeline

Grants for the 2016/2017 have been awarded. See below for details about each successful proposal, and to see the awesome projects coming your way from members of the OCAD U community. Start thinking about the projects you’d like us  to fund next academic year!

For further questions please contact Lizz Aston at

2016/2017 Grant Recipients

Fandom Zine – a project by the OCADU Zine Collective. The goal of the project is to produce a risograph printed zine about the history of zines. The final publication will be available for free at the OCAD Zine Fair in March.

The BA Annual – a publication of critical essays, exhibition reviews, and creative writing on art history and visual culture.

IntraAction 2017 – an evening of live performance & performative art pieces that will be staged at Xpace in May.

Community Engagements – a screening and talk about the housing crisis in Toronto.

Freeform Interaction – a two part workshop series based on cross disciplinary collaboration at OCAD.

OCF Waffle Night – the project grant will fund two waffle night events and aims to feed 300-500 students.

Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity (CGSD) – a pilot program to support, provide resources to, and create a physical space for LGBTQ+ students at OCAD.

grOCAD – The grant is to support for their ongoing  projects including the community garden and maintenance of the Learning Zone Window Farm and Aquafarm.

Non-Fiction Lab – a series of film screenings and artist talks of non-fiction media art at OCAD.

Augmented Cinema Film Festival – a night of film screenings showcasing film, video and animation work of students at the Royal Cinema in April.

Black Creators Month 2017 – a conference and exhibition on Black Canadian art and design by the Black Students Association to be held in February.

Black Entrepreneurship Initiative – an event that connects BIPOC students with entrepreneurs, professionals and small businesses to provide them with tools and resources to help develop their careers.

2. Equity Seed Fund

This is a new initiative brought forward this year by Khadija Aziz, our Director of Diversity & Equity. This Funding program will provide equity training and leadership opportunities to OCAD U’s Diverse students. For the purpose of this project, “Diversity” will be defined as: persons who self-identify as BIPOC and/or LGBTQ2S+, and/or immigrant/refugee and/or persons with mental and/or physical disabilities. Participating students will attend workshops and receive mentorship to raise awareness to issues of, and/or celebrate diversity and equity at OCAD U. Three accepted proposals will each receive a funding of $500 to execute their project.

For more information contact Khadija at

3. OCAD Student Union Micro Grants

Small grants are available to assist current OCAD University students who are organizing non-academic projects or events that will be shared with the wider community in some way. All projects must support the spirit of our mandate at the OCAD SU.


Students, as an automatic member of the Student Union, can apply for a micro-grant of up to $250 to help cover the costs of an event or project. Projects must benefit more than one student at OCAD U, or connect OCAD U students with communities across the GTA. Projects must also be in alignment with our anti-oppression mandate. SU Micro Grants may not be used to fund coursework.

Types of Support Available

These micro grants are intended to help with accommodations such as financial help towards the rental of an accessible space, artist or speaker’s fees, equipment rental,  funding to hold workshops designed to educate, share skills, build community, transit costs- allowing people to attend who are low-income,  a pop-up show, a social justice action, etc. The Micro Grants will not fund personal work, projects related to coursework, or the purchase of alcohol.


Doing something cool?  Need help with the overhead?  The Student Union can help you book space, print posters, pay for snacks, provide a venue (our office, the cafe, student lounge), in exchange for publicizing our involvement.

The purpose of these micro grants is to provide support on a short term, as needed basis, for projects with a quick turn around.  Need more $? Want take it to the next level?  Join our FB page, or our Twitter & Instagram at @ocadsu and look out for deadlines throughout the year to apply for our other Student Union Project Grants (Equity Seed Funding, SU Project Grants) to develop your vision!

Proposals are reviewed on a weekly basis while funds last. For more information please contact Nicholas,

4. OCAD Student Union Emergency Grocery Funds

The Student Union has some limited funds for Students who are in need. We have grocery gift cards in the amounts of $10 and $25 to give out to students based on need.  Any student who has specific emergency grocery needs that cannot be met at our food bank can come into the Student Union Office to speak with either the SU General Manager or the Student Advocate to ask for an emergency grocery card. Assessment is made in an informal way on an as needed basis. We cannot guarantee any set amount or that folks can request these funds more than once per year.

For more information please contact Joanna,



Funds available to students from other OCAD University departmetns

The Big Ideas Fund

The OCAD U $1,500 Big Ideas Fund is a micro-grant initiative by the Office of Diversity, Equity & Sustainability Initiatives (ODESI) and its Student Advisory Committee. This initiative encourages OCAD U’s creative thinkers, artists and designers to identify social justice and equity issues that impact our community and to take action through innovative ideas. – See more here

The Career Launcher Fund

The Centre for Emerging Artists & Designers (CEAD) is excited to announce the very first Career Launcher Fund for graduating students. Emerging artists and designers are invited to apply for funds that will support activities relating to their early career success as they transition out of school. Proposed expenses could include anything that would be important to advancing an individual’s career success. Special attention will be given to proposals that take into consideration the numerous privileges and access that end once students leave school, such as facilities, community, and mentorship. Minium request $100, Max $500. For more information contact Miles Collier, – See more Career Launcher Fund 2017

The Financial Aid & Awards Office

FF&A advises students, provides referrals to the appropriate financial assistance programs and assists with securing the resources required to meet post-secondary education costs. – See more here

Student Bursaries

Bursaries are non-repayable awards given primarily on the basis of financial need. Bursaries are intended to supplement, not replace, other sources of funding that students may have for their studies. Bursaries can range in value depending on the amount of funds available, number of students who apply, and the student’s’ financial need.

Students may apply for and receive bursaries through more than one program, and students are encouraged to apply to all bursary programs for which they are eligible. Funds are limited through all bursary programs, so not all students will receive a bursary through each and every program to which they apply. – See more here

Scholarships and Awards

Scholarships recognize overall academic achievement (combined studio/Liberal Arts & Sciences) on the basis of grades only and encourage further studies. They are given at the first-, second- and third-year levels in the Faculty of Design, Faculty of Art, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences and the School of Interdisciplinary Studies. No application required. Scholarships are given as tuition credits prior to the start of the next academic year. – See more at Here

Bursaries for Students with Disabilities

The Bursary for Students with Disabilities (BSWD) provides aid to students self-identifying as having either permanent or temporary disabilities. This bursary assists with the costs of disability-related services or equipment, such as tutors, note-takers, interpreters, braillers or technical aids that are required to participate in post-secondary studies. Visit the CSD to see what accommodations are available for you through their programming. – See more at Here


If you know of other funding available to students on campus please contact Nicholas,, to have them added to this page